Welcome to the Sheats Lab at NCSU CVM!  We are dedicated to innovating advances in equine health.

Our team’s research encompasses biological barriers, global health, immunology, infectious diseases, and spontaneous animal disease models.  Our current focus is on conducting research to determine whether a host protein known to regulate neutrophil functions is a viable treatment for combating diseases such as asthma and salmonella gastroenteritis.

We are also interested in clinical research that can help diagnose, treat and prevent diseases in horses.  Our current clinical interest is to identify new biomarkers of intestinal ischemia in horses with colic.  The goal of this research is to develop a diagnostic tool that could one day help veterinarians accurately identify which horses with colic have intestinal strangulation in the field.

As coordinator of the Equine Primary Care Program, I am also working with equine private veterinarians to establish “best practices” for training equine focused veterinary students through a university-private practice partnership.

With a brilliant young team, support from the college, and funding from local partners and the USDA, we are working toward the ultimate goal that one day our translational research will benefit both humans and horses.

Hopefully after you have finished browsing our site you will be as excited as we are to continue our passion to constantly search for ways to improve the health of our world.

Thank you for your interest!

Dr. Katie Sheats